I sought out Sabine's expertise with fascial stretch when I was having problems with my lower back, hips and hamstrings. Her knowledge and skill helped bring physical relief and additional flexibility, and I could keep going with my training program.



I am an artist/restaurant owner and have always kept an active lifestyle but have never had a regular workout schedule. I’ve loved tennis and played hockey most of my adult life until I suffered a back injury. After laying low for 6 months my doctor suggested I start an exercise program. I started training and fascial stretch therapy with Sabine. Her strict supervision and knowledge of what to do was the key to getting me going again. She was careful not to aggravate the injury and worked on my strength, core and flexibility to get me back to living an active lifestyle pain free. And an important side note – she manages to push me while keeping me laughing!!!

Leo Spralja


Sabine brings a positive and affirming approach to fitness as a way of life. She charts a path toward your goals that is specific to your body, health and mindset.  Her expertise as a trainer is enriched by her credentials as a Fascial Stretch therapist, producing depth and balance.  Working with Sabine, I have achieved the sustainable strength and energy required to enjoy my busy life, including the adventure travel I love.  She brings good humour to rigor as a true partner in good health!  

Carol A.


Sabine has both strong skills and great personality. She is an excellent motivator and a hard worker (while working you hard!), and always sensitive to each client's unique capabilities. I consider my workout sessions a healthy gift I'm giving myself.



I have lost pounds and inches plus I have felt healthier than I have in a long time by working out with Sabine. She is professional, energetic and committed to providing an individualized program that meets my needs. Sabine pushes you in a positive way to achieve more from a fitness perspective than you thought possible.

Nan Oldroyd


"I am impressed by Sabine's evidence-based approach to personal training"

Monica White, PhD


Sabine makes working out fun! She has changed the way I feel about exercise by making it enjoyable and rewarding and I really look forward to my sessions with her. Sabine works hard to customize her training to each client's needs and she has gone above and beyond to ensure that she does all that she can to help them achieve their goals. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Sabine - she is the best!

Katherine Kelly Gatten


Two years ago I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I spent almost 2 months in hospital. I was non weight bearing for 5 months. After 1 year in physiotherapy I landed in Sabine's 'training spa'. HA!! Needless to say my once fit body was in desperate need of assistance. From lunges to leg lifts, crunches to curls, pushups to plank I can feel my body getting stronger by the week.
Thank you for your knowledge, encouragement, sense of humor and stories. Sabine, I love you (and hate you) at the same time!! You are my 'plank hero'.

Wendy Blain


Having Sabine as my personal trainer has made a huge difference in my life! I am more fit than I have ever been, and have more energy. She keeps me focused on my goals, and I look forward to my workouts with her. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and I have referred her to several of my friends who all love working out with her!!!

Debra Bain
RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd. Brokerage


Training with Sabine is a pleasure! She not only encourages me throughout the hour she also pushes me beyond my limit. My strength and endurance has improved dramatically. If you want results I would highly recommend Sabine!

Cindy Shanks
Real Estate Agent


Sabine, every time I finish a workout with you I feel better about myself. If I had a bad day, I feel better, if I was having a great day, I feel better!!

You have an ability to zero in on what has to be done for me on each workout, always pushing me to achieve my goals. And always doing the pushing positively with humor and professionalism. Thanks Sabine, you are helping me to make a difference in my life; I am making progress and with your help will soon reach my goal.

Continued success.

Ken McLachlan
RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd.


Sabine's knowledge and personality were what initially had me approach her about helping to reach my fitness goals. She listened to what my interests and goals were and then helped me reach a level of fitness and self-confidence that I didn't know I could reach. Sabine challenged me with a variety of workouts, taught me what was happening during the exercises, and even helped with my nutrition and general health. Because of her commitment to learning and teaching, she will make sure your workouts include the latest techniques as well as the "tried and true" methods. She pushed me hard but it never felt like a boring workout because we laughed a lot and I was always learning something new about myself. Be prepared - she'll make your fitness goals a reality!

Juliet Nicol


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